I love food, unashamedly. I love fried foods (yam, plantain, potatoes, eggs… Name it). What do I love more than fried foods? Soft drinks. And what could I absolutely not do without? CAKE.

Before the last 9 days, I ate red velvet and chocolate cakes practically every day – it almost became an addiction. I looked in front of the mirror, knew I was paying dearly for it, and still couldn’t stop. My Goodness! 😭

So last week Thursday, I’m having a conversation with my mum; I tell her I’d drop the weight off by dieting, and my brother laughs (on the background) and says ‘you? Not eat cake? How? You can’t ‘.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that the best way to make me do something is to tell me I can’t. That was all the motivation I needed.

So, I swung into action😊.

After consulting my good friend, Google, I decided to go on a diet plan called ‘Intermittent Fasting’. (Will get back to this).

The overall goal however was to be on a daily calorie deficit. Pick up your calculators guys:

1 pound equals 3500 calories. Therefore, to lose a pound, one must burn 3500 calories, whether through exercise or through dieting.

The average female burns 1600-2000 calories daily, and the average male burns 2500-3000 calories.

Therefore to shed a pound a week, you must have a deficit of 500 calories daily (500*7=3500 calories a week). The Math is Simple.

Let me put it in context-

Say I burn 2000 calories a day on the average and consume foods totalling 1000 calories daily, that puts me at a 1000-calorie deficit. By the end of 7 days, I must have been at a deficit of 7000 calories–2 pounds!Β 

This can be achieved, I must say by eating once, twice or thrice a day- in so far as you count your calories and don’t exceed budget lol. I took the intermittent fasting route simply because it makes it much easier. Will elaborate on intermittent fasting, how it works and the side effects in my next post, but in summary:

1. I eat actual food (not fruits) just once a day.

2. If I must eat more than once, it must be low-calorie fruits or fruits with digestive enzymes– been on pineapples and bananas. A cup of pineapple equals about 89 calories and One banana equals about 86 calories, depending on the size sha.

3. I eat the one meal around the same time daily–between 5-8pm.

4. Even the one meal I eat is controlled:

A. I cut out white rice for Ofada rice (The high fibre content increases satiety and hastens digestion)

B. Completely cut out soft drinks and anything that involves artificial sugars, cake and fried foods.

C. Cut out beef and even other chicken parts for Chicken breasts and Gizzards

D. Cut out vegetable oil for Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Actually used it to cook stew with the chicken breast and gizzards

E. If I must snack after meal, it must be pineapples or one banana(those are really the only fruits I really really like)

F. I drink water. Ohh I drink water to fill my tummy and keep me satisfied.

4. Cut out anything carbohydrate- white rice,bread (I ate yam once sha…I needed it, trust me haha)

The first day was easy peasy, I tell ya. But by the third day, I nearly fainted πŸ˜‚.

Now, I’m getting so used to it that I can barely eat much anymore. Couldn’t even finish 100g of sweet potatoes this evening.

I’ve lost 3+kg in 9days guyss, and my goal was even 1kg per week 😁

In my next post, I will elaborate on the different ways the intermittent fasting diet works, and the side effects. Will also advise on the appropriate times to weigh yourself on a scale to get accurate results. I may also write on exactly what I’ve been eating, and how extra virgin olive oil makes you fuller for eating less.

I will be Incorporating early morning jogging for the next two days to see how it pans out.. And on the 14th day, I will reward myself with cake πŸŽ‚ 😊.

Can I get to 10kg? We’ll see 😁.

Xo, Randomm.

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